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Here at The Morning Snapshot it doesn’t matter if you’re a novice just starting out, or a trader with years of experience looking to get a different perspective on the market. 

Our mentoring program is designed to help you gain consistency in your trading while at the same time give you all of the tools and skills used by professionals. Our live and hands on approach to teaching traders exactly like you is what separates us from all other trading rooms. Our program is specifically designed to be much more than just a typical trading room that calls trade signals hoping that you catch the move.

We understand that you’ve had the crowded trading room experience already and it doesn’t make sense to replicate something that didn’t work for you in the past.

Our mentoring program is designed to be the complete opposite of those trading rooms, instead we will empower you with the statistical essentials and tools you need to develop your defined edge in the market like a pro. Keep in mind all of this will be done in a live interactive environment.    

We understand most traders don’t realize they need real trading education until they’ve felt the pain of the market. Our mentoring program will be a completely different experience than you’ve ever had before. Most successful people have a mentor in their particular profession. As a trader trying to get over the hump you need someone who will answer all of your tough questions throughout the day and not make you feel like just another name in the chatroom. 

Our program is formatted in two categories, both of which are based on us providing you a premium mentorship without overcharging your wallet. 


We understand you may already trade on your own, but are interested in taking your trading to another level. The gold membership would be a great place to start.   

  • You will have exclusive access to the gold member only webinars. 
  • 100% access to our pre-market levels along with all of our daily videos and recordings.  
  • Live weekly trader skills calls. 
  • Receive an in-depth education on the context of the market and how to apply it daily.
  • Live 1 on 1 trader assessment call.
  • Complete access to all of our live trading round-table discussions, this is where we spend time after market close having a live Q&A session reviewing the trading week and talking markets.


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The Professional membership is for the trader who trades for a living. Professional traders will love what this membership has to offer. As a pro member you and I will meet daily for live one one trading sessions scanning the market for probable opportunities. We will also have live one on one classroom sessions daily scheduled around your availability and so much more.

Email us at to schedule your free one on one trader assessment to see if the Professional membership is right for you. 

  • If you’ve ever purchased trading education before then you know a real mentor is imperative to your success as a trader. Your trading mentor must be completely transparent.
  • The Morning Snapshot offers you chance to have that mentor. This isn’t just some trading room with impossible to follow trading signals. Our one on one mentorship is designed exclusively for you.
  • No two traders are exactly alike so we structure all our sessions based on your trader assessment call.
  • We hold your hand every step of the way so we can help maximize your strengths and identify your areas of improvement.
  • This way you can achieve consistent results in your trading while learning new innovative techniques.

    I look forward to talking to you very soon.

  • Email to schedule your free one on one trader assessment call. 


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