The Morning Snapshot provides daily premium content, but most importantly a complete and thorough trading education with a one on one mentorship.

The trading room serves as the primary facility for you to watch Joel Hawthorne trade in real time as he mentors individual traders actively trading their own accounts. In the trading room Joel provides live actionable market commentary each day, to an audience ranging from the novice part time trader just learning the ropes to the seasoned professional looking to hone in and enhance their skill level.

The Morning Snapshot method gives you a chance to experience an in-depth trading education by learning up close and personal with a real trader providing real actionable content.

Learning how to trade can be challenging. Why sign up for overcrowded trading rooms that don’t provide you with the attention you need to succeed? In our one on one mentorship you and I will work together daily to help you achieve the goal of becoming the trader you are destined to be. Learn how to assess the market and trade like a professional without all the overpriced gimmicks or smoke and mirrors.


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