New Year ,New Trader, New Focus and New Mindset

As traders we have a tendency to allow our past to hinder our future.
Trading is about preparing for whats to come while leaving the failures, mistakes and even the successes behind.
As we start a new year, now is the time for you to ask yourself are you really ready to commit to your trading goals?
Lets schedule a time to discuss my customized plan for you. Where do you see yourself in 3 months, 6 months, in 1 year as a trader?
How do you plan to reach your goals ? Are you finally ready to trust the process it takes to have the success you’ve been looking for?
What is your definition of success as a trader? Is it money? If so how much? Is it consistency? Is it freedom? Do you simply just love the markets and love trading altogether?
I’ll let you in on a little secret for me its all of the above! Ask yourself whats holding you back from taking that next step?
Lets discuss this together lets customize your trading plan. Allow me to show you my format that will help you become the trader you want to be in 2020.
Happy New Year !!!