Are you ready ?

Are you in your own way of success as a trader? Your ability to get out of your own way will be the true test for gaining success as a trader. Everyday I work with traders individually and collectively helping them identify the best trading opportunities in the market. The truth is every day I’m still a student of these markets myself, some might say Joel if you’re still a student how can you teach me ? Please allow me to answer that question for you.

I approach everyday with¬†a willingness¬†to learn never feeling overconfident when I’m right or feeling broken and regressive when I’m wrong. This mindset allows me to be a student of the market everyday. The truth is I’ve realized the secret formula of my personal trading style, its not about the most successful trade I’ve had. Its not about my p&l everyday, week, month or year. I can hear your whispers now, if its not about the money how can you measure your success? Lets be clear as a trader the only way to measure your success is by your p&l.
However in order to reach your financial goals you can’t chase the end result, you will need a plan and full execution of that plan to reach your end result. I have consistently executed my trading plan.On my best days my plan has remained intact and especially on my hardest days to trade my plan has remained solid and consistent. Now let me ask you do you have a plan ?
Have you been chasing your plan with buying gimmick software ? I’m sure by now we know you still don’t have the results you’ve hoped for. If you’ve been looking for those results in group forums and trading rooms that recommend signals we also know that your trading results and fate are in the hands of someone else.
Are you ready to truly look behind the curtain? Are you ready to find your truth? most say they are but very few are truly ready ? If you want to have an immediate breakthrough in your trading today do this before the opening bell of your market.
Write out what you think is more likely to happen before it happens in the trading day. Its very simple write out what you think the overall trend will be and who will control the trend buyers or sellers and why, also write out how you plan to execute if you’re right and what information you were looking at to identify this ?
If you do this today you will have generated something in your trading you didn’t have yesterday. This very simple action you’ve just added to your trading its a called a sentiment plus strategy.
If you can’t do this or if you feel like its complicated then the real questioned should be when are you ready to speak to me about a free trader assessment session. I’m willing to help any and every trader I can but you must be willing to help yourself by getting out of your own way. Have a great trading day and I look forward to talking to you in the trading sessions.