How will your season begin?

This past week was the opening week of the NFL season every team will start with a perfect record. However by the end of the night on Sunday there will be winners and losers. The question is which one are you?  See its very easy to say your a winner no matter what but just like in sports the end of the game will always bring out the purest form of truth by simply looking at the score.

What is your end of game score in trading on a daily basis? Are you a winner or loser the first week of the season ? This is the beginning of September with only 4 months left of 2019 have you accomplished the goals you started with at the beginning of the year? If you haven’t does that make you a loser or are you still playing the game? The very best traders are still playing the game.
Don’t allow the daily challenges of trading to control you. Deep down you know you’re better than this market. Just like the start of the NFL season you know that a slow start to open the season can have a long lasting affect on you. To the contrary a slow start doesn’t mean you should write off the rest of the season in football or in trading. There are plenty more games to be played and plenty more trades to be made.
For all those teams that celebrated their week one win as if they just won the super bowl lets remind them one win won’t define a season and neither will one loss.Lets show the trading world what real trading looks like.
I believe the ES today will auction in consolidation today. However if the market starts to trend then I think the statistical advantage will be in the direction of the sellers. It will not shock me to see the market trade between 2985.00 to 2974.25 for most of the day. I think the market is waiting patiently to hear from the fed chair next week. the sellers will have to trade back below 2968.50 with acceptance and takeout 2965.00 to 2959.25 for the downtrend to officially be confirmed today. If you’re a conservative seller today pay close attention to this it will save you money and heart ache.  If you’re a buyer today you will be chasing the highs and there very little opportunity to do so unless you’re trading volume at price, trading reversals or trading the hope method. Please be careful with that it can be expensive.