Are you committed to the journey of becoming a pro?

Are you committed to the journey of becoming a pro part 1?

Most retail traders are professionals at something in their life before trading. After helping countless people on their trading journey I’ve found one major thing consistently that all of you have in common. Every single one of you has dedicated your life to something you believed in before trying to achieve your goal as a professional trader. I’ve helped retired business owners, doctors, ex-military, multiple college professors and the list goes on. All of you have been amazing to work with in your own way and I’m extremely grateful for you allowing me to help you achieve all of your goals. But I have a few questions that I would like for you to answer either to yourself or please feel free to respond to this email whenever you can.

After sacrificing so much in other areas of your life did you start this trading journey expecting it to be easy?

Did you think the set it and forget mindset would apply?

Do you truly have a foundation as a trader something you can rely on no matter what when things get tough?

Are you still using your opinionated version of tools you were taught years ago and still not getting the success you want?

Are you evolving as a trader?

If the questions above hit home for you then think about the market you’re facing daily attempting to risk your money and time as a trader.

The market cap for the New York stock exchange in 2019 is roughly $ 22.9 trillion. Also very interesting the United States national debt hit a record in February of 2019 of roughly $22 trillion. Now I don’t mention this to get the political engines and opinions started but the point I’m making is with so much money changing hands daily in the stock market why do you believe you can take learning how to be a trader so lightly?

One of the things I tell traders is in order to make it as a trader you must fully commit. Most times when people hear this they get nervous and run the opposite direction. It reminds me how everyone signs up for the gym in January and cancels their membership in mid-March. Your commitment to becoming a professional trader doesn’t mean you have to stare at your computer for 6 hours a day. It’s a mentality you must have embarking on this journey. It means trading will become a part of your lifestyle. It means instead of jumping around to every new thing you hear you will build an identify as a trader the same way you did in other professions and areas of your life. A master carpenter may eventually learn a lot about being a masonry but he will never forget that he’s a master carpenter. I hope you understand my analogy.

Commitment is the first step in achieving your goal of becoming a professional trader !

If any of the questions above resonate with you? If you’re interested in reading part 2 email me and let me know so I can forward the info to you asap. I look forward to helping you achieve all of your trading goals.