Everyone wants to be a trader Part 1

Everyone wants to be a successful trader but not everyone wants to put in the work , sacrifice and grind it takes. Let me guess everyone wants the magical market indicator that has this amazing winning percentage ? Or you purchased trading education so now the millions should immediately follow. If it were so easy why would anyone haul trash and clean for a living ? why doesn’t everyone in the world just trade make money and vacation on their private island?
I read a stat that said 90 to 95% of all traders fail but the reality is those number are filler with people looking for the get rich quick scheme instead of really working toward being a professional.
If you really want to be successful at trading you need to quit kidding yourself and answer 3 simple questions with complete honesty
1. Do you have the time ?
2. Do you have the financial means for the risk ? I’m talking real trading not this mini macro lots and pips most people like to play with or simulating forever.
3. Are you properly educated in the market your interested in trading ?
Trading education is very unique you don’t know you need until you really need it.
Most people don’t know they need trading education until they’ve felt real pain from the market. This is why most people are comfortable on the simulator or paper trading for so long.
If you want real advice or have questions on what it truly takes to become a trader email me info@morningsnapshot.com
Anyone can do this but not everyone truly wants to.