If you’re looking for trading education you need to read this

I’m sure you’ve had enough of bouncing between sketchy trading forums, Twitter gurus, and fake trading firms promising 99% win rates, my question to you is if they win so much? Why do they charge their customers so much money ? Something tells me they spend most of their time on sales and marketing than actually trading !!!!

Oh and let me guess some sales guy called just before your time expired and suggested you should purchase more time in their awesome trading room ? (We’ve all heard that before)

If you’ve been looking for a trading education for more than a week, you’ve now experienced the overpriced stuff that’s packaged perfectly , trading software offering magical indicators, and educators that guarantee you profits. You’re here reading this, so we’re guessing that you now understand the fundamental truth of the markets:

Making money isn’t that easy.

The Morning Snapshot Method offers you a chance to experience a truly immersive trading education by learning up close and personal with a real trader posting real actionable content. Right now you look at the markets and see chaos and confusion. Our one on one live mentorship and support replaces that noise with high-probability setups and in depth market context for proper risk versus reward management.

Learn how to prepare and trade like a seasoned professional without all the overpriced gimmicks and smoking mirrors.

I look forward to seeing you in the trading room.


Joel Hawthorne

The Morning Snapshot CEO